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Help Me Teach the Bible Michael Horton on the Campaign for Core Christianity

Written by Nancy Guthrie on . Posted in The Gospel Coalition Blog

Article by: Nancy Guthrie

In this episode of Help Me Teach the Bible, I talk with Michael Horton of Westminster Seminary in California about his new book and biblical teaching campaign called Core Christianity. In addition to being the author of many popular and academic books, Horton is the editor-in-chief of Modern Reformation magazine, one of the hosts of the White Horse Inn radio broadcast, and a minister in the United Reformed Churches.

In our conversation on his book Core Christianity: Finding Yourself in God’s Story, we discuss why those we teach need training in doctrine, the way God speaks to us today, and whether the purpose of our lives as Christians is to change the world. But Core Christianity is much more than a book; it’s a new resource for Bible teachers. In a day in which many of those we are teaching live their lives largely online or on their smartphone, Core Christianity harnesses technology for teaching Scripture. Leaders can create a group online, track the personal Bible study work of their group members, interact with their questions, and even send reminders when they haven’t done the work for the next group meeting.

You can listen to the episode here. You can watch a video about Core Christianity here.

Nancy Guthrie teaches the Bible at her home church, Cornerstone Presbyterian Church in Franklin, Tennessee, as well as at conferences around the country and internationally, and through books and DVDs in the Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament series. She offers companionship and biblical insight to the grieving through Respite Retreats that she and her husband, David, host for couples who have faced the death of child, through the GriefShare video series, and through books such as Holding on to Hope and Hearing Jesus Speak into Your Sorrow.

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