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Suspect in Possible Homicide Drives Right Up to Cops Already Looking for Him But the Reason for What He Does Next May Never Come to Light GRAPHIC IMAGES

Written by Dave Urbanski on . Posted in The Blaze


As TV news cameras rolled at the scene of a possible homicide, a blue pickup truck plowed through police barricades and pulled right up to the house where the body was found — and where cops were congregating.

The camera operator from KXLY-TV in Spokane, Washington, said he heard one officer yell, “That’s the guy! That’s the guy!”

Turns out the driver was the same person of interest police had just begun searching for stemming from their investigation of a woman found dead at the Spokane house.

With that cops swarmed around the pickup truck, the camera operator said.

You’d think that would be the end of Tuesday’s drama — but the driver had other ideas.

Image source: KXLY-TV

Image source: KXLY-TV

Surrounded by cops with their pistols trained on him, the man exited the truck and pointed what looked very much like a gun at police…

Image source: KXLY-TV

Image source: KXLY-TV

…and was quickly, fatally shot.

Image source: KXLY-TV

Image source: KXLY-TV

Image source: KXLY-TV

Image source: KXLY-TV

Shortly afterward paramedics checked the man’s condition and then walked away.

KXLY chose not to post video of the incident, instead releasing screengrabs within its news segment.

KREM-TV in Spokane posted raw video of a screaming man reacting to the shooting which he apparently witnessed, noting several times that the object the driver was carrying was not a real gun. (Content warning: graphic language.)

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Police Chief Frank Staub, speaking on camera following the shooting, noted that the object found next to the fatally shot driver was “in fact a firearm.” TheBlaze on Thursday reached out to Spokane police to confirm Staub’s statement but the message was not immediately returned.

According to court documents, an identification card found in a purse in the living room of the residence was for Tracy Fergerstrom, 46, who a neighbor recognized as a frequent visitor to the house owned by Jeremy Arnold, the man police shot — and now being called a suspect in Fergerstrom’s murder, KXLY noted in a later report.

Fergerstrom was found facedown in a bedroom wrapped in a quilt blanket with several stab wounds; police also observed blood elsewhere in the house and signs of a violent struggle.

More from KXLY:

Arnold’s next door neighbor spoke to officers investigating the homicide, who said Arnold had shown him a black handgun in the last three months and Arnold had told his neighbor he had blanks for the gun and said if he ever heard anything not to worry “as he would never do anything to him or other neighbors,” according to court documents.

The neighbor had heard a loud bang in the last few months at the house and Arnold had come over and asked him if he heard anything and the neighbor assumed it was Arnold’s gun.

As a convicted felon, Arnold would have been prohibited from having a firearm.

Image source: KREM-TV

Image source: KREM-TV

Arnold had what KREM characterized as an “unusual past,” with multiple convictions, tragedy, and credit for helping to save a life.

His run-ins with the law included charges of assault, robbery, conspiracy, intimidating a witness and riot with a deadly weapon. Arnold also was awaiting sentencing on 11 felonies in 2005 when he got a weeklong furlough from jail to get married — and he failed to return when the furlough was over. And in a separate incident, detectives said he was sleeping in his car parked in a driveway — and when cops checked on him, thought he was armed, and almost shot him.

More from KREM:

The suspect and his wife were swimming in the Spokane River in July of 2013. They bet each other that they could swim across the river. Shortly after jumping in the water, the suspect said he watched his wife go under. Kayakers pulled her out of the water but she died days later.

(Last) Thursday night, the suspect called 911 to help Air One and the Pend Oreille Sheriff’s rescue team find a woman and two-year-old girl stranded off of Horseshoe Lake. They were rescued early Friday morning.

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