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Beck Shocked by Texas’ Ranking on List of States That Residents Don’t Want to Leave

Written by Erica Ritz on . Posted in The Blaze


Glenn Beck is such a fan of Texas that he bought a 72,000-square-foot movie studio there in 2013, and routinely begs his remaining employees in New York to relocate with him.

So when Gallup released the list of states people want to leave most and least, he thought he knew exactly where Texas would fall: No. 1 on the list of states people want to leave least.

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program May 1, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program May 1, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

“I think we all know what [number one] is,” he said confidently. “I think we could take 20 calls and everyone would have the right answer.”

When his co-host Pat Gray informed him that Texas is actually tied with Oregon and New Hampshire for No. 2, Beck said in surprise: “Get out of here. Tied for second?”

According to the Gallup poll, 24 percent of those polled in Texas, Oregon and New Hampshire said they would leave if they could — compared to 50 percent in Illinois.

States people liked even more than Texas were Montana, Hawaii and Maine, where only around 23 percent of people said they would leave if possible.

(Photo: Gallup)

Image source: Gallup

Here is another graphic illustrating Gallup’s results:

(Photo: Gallup)

Image source: Gallup

Beck reflected: “We’re having all these people move in, and I keep saying to these CEOs that are moving into Texas … ‘You know why you moved here, right? … Do your employees?’”

Beck said many businesses are fleeing the oppressive business environment in other states, and while they know why they left, their employees arrive and vote the same way they did before.

“They move here and they keep their politics with them,” Beck remarked, expressing concern about Texas’ future.

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