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She Got a Gun and Concealed Carry Permit Last Year and Never Needed to Use Them… Until She Did

Written by Jason Howerton on . Posted in The Blaze


A 50-year-old Detroit woman shot an intruder early Tuesday morning after he tried to break into her home with a crowbar. Now she’s very thankful she decided to take advantage of her Second Amendment rights last year.

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The woman reportedly bought a handgun and received her concealed carry permit last year on the advice of her brother. She hoped she would never need to use it, but figured it was good to be prepared. That attitude just may have saved her life.

The woman’s family told WDIV-TV that a man tried to break into the home at around 12:30 a.m. Tuesday. The homeowner retrieved her firearm and dialed 911.

“All she just kept saying, ‘I don’t want to shoot anybody,’” the homeowner’s sister told the news station.

However, the suspect did not listen to the woman’s several warnings that she was armed. When the criminal busted the window with a crowbar, the woman opened fire. She was reportedly on the phone with 911 and informed the operator that she was going to shoot in self-defense.

The woman hit the suspect in the arm. He was taken to the hospital and was temporarily in serious condition.

Jimmie McGee, the woman’s brother, told WDIV-TV his sister is his “hero.” He, too, is very happy she took his advice to arm herself for protection last year.

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