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Stunning Video The Moment an Entire Street Collapsed Into a Massive Sinkhole

Written by Elizabeth Kreft on . Posted in The Blaze


An entire street collapsed into a massive sinkhole Wednesday, causing terrifying sights and sound that most people have only heard in action movies.

A witness just feet from the dramatic landslide caught the moment the earth gave way on video.


(Image source: YouTube)

Heavy rains have soaked several states throughout the last 48 hours, causing massive floods in places like Florida and Alabama and leading to at least 37 deaths.

But this Baltimore street proved the rain-soaked ground can be deadly dangerous even without several feet of standing floodwater.


(Image source: YouTube)

A woman screams in the background of the video as the witnesses watched trees, streetlamps, cars and the entire fence along the road disappear.


(Image source: YouTube)

A few cars were left dangling on the edge of the concrete after the massive slide occurred.

The downpour Wednesday added to the water levels of streams and rivers already swollen from a tornado-generating system that killed and injured hundreds in the U.S. South over a period of three days. Alabama officials on Thursday estimated damage in the state at close to $6.7 million, according to Reuters.

Image source YouTube

(Image source YouTube)

Check out the damage to this Baltimore street in the shocking video below.

(H/T: NBC Washington)

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