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Former White House Spokesman’s Almost Unbelievable Response When Pressed on Benghazi Emails

Written by Jason Howerton on . Posted in The Blaze


When grilled by Bret Baier on the newly-released Benghazi emails on Thursday, former White House national security spokesman Tommy Vietor apparently didn’t know how to respond.

Fox News/Screengrab via Mediaite

Fox News/Screengrab via Mediaite

“Dude, this was like two years ago,” he said at one point.

The latest Benghazi emails reveals an apparent coordinated effort to portray the Benghazi terror attacks as the result of a video to minimize the political fallout and protect President Barack Obama.

Baier asked Vietor why, if it means nothing as the White House claims, the new emails weren’t released with other emails months ago. Instead, Judicial Watch had to wrestle the emails — described as a “smoking gun” by some — from the White House.

Vietor conceded that he didn’t have a good answer as to why the White House withheld the emails, but said they don’t reveal any new information.

Mediaite describes one of the most interesting moments of the interview:

Baier pushed Vietor on the talking points and prepping Susan Rice for her appearance on the Sunday shows about said talking points… Baier pointed to prior reports about line changes and asked Vietor if they changed tactics. Vietor said he wasn’t sure, and when Baier pressed him, he said, “Dude, this was like two years ago.”

Baier shot back, “Dude it is the thing that everybody’s talking about!”

Vietor told Baier it’s ridiculous for people to be so preoccupied with the editing of talking points because bureaucrats on every level do just that.

Vietor also revealed that President Barack Obama was not in the situation room during the Benghazi attack.

“Not in the room I was in,” he said. “Let’s just be clear. You don’t have to be in the Situation Room to monitor an intelligence situation. The PDB is in the Oval Office.”

Watch the segment via Fox News below:

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