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Graduate’s Celebratory Backflip Did Not Go as Well as He’d Hoped

Written by Liz Klimas on . Posted in The Blaze


College graduations are often long and monotonous. A name is called, a diploma received, handshakes exchanged and perhaps a brief celebratory thumbs up is given while walking off the stage.

Robert “Bobby” Jeffrey Blank, a graduate of the Davenport University class of 2014 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, wasn’t having any of that — at the last minute he decided upon a showy display of his excitement.

After receiving his diploma and shaking hands with the university’s president at Van Andel Arena Sunday, Blank attempted a backflip on the stage.

Let’s just say Blank probably didn’t major in gymnastics.

Image source: YouTube

Image source: YouTube

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Image source: YouTube

Blank landed with a thud.

“We’re just gonna give it a minute,” the commencement announcer said as Blank quickly popped up to walk it off.

Check it out:

After the fact, Blank was a good sport and spoke with the local news about the embarrassing incident.

“My hands were holding my diploma and my cap, so they didn’t do a great job of catching me, hence the loud thud, but I’m OK,” Blank told WOOD-TV.

The backflip was a spur-of-the-moment decision, not something planned, he said.

“After I shook all the hands, there was an open space and I gave it a go and it didn’t work out so well,” Blank said, adding that he’s sorry if his gaffe took away attention from the students behind him.

Watch Blank talk about the incident:

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