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Did You Know There Was a Bomb Found in the Boston Area on Sunday

Written by Erica Ritz on . Posted in The Blaze


On Sunday, less than a week after the 2014 Boston Marathon, police found an explosive device on Ocean Street in Marshfield, Massachusetts. The location is less than an hour from Boston.

Many assumed the device was targeting the public, but Marshfield Police Chief Phil Tavares said Monday that police currently believe “the intended target of this bomb was an individual.”

That being said, the bomb had the potential to cause tremendous damage to anyone in the vicinity. The police chief warned: “It would’ve caused serious injury, if not death, to several people who were in the immediate area of the homemade pipe bomb.”

A homemade explosive device was discovered Sunday in Marshfield, Massachusetts. (Photo: WBZ-TV)

A homemade explosive device was discovered Sunday in Marshfield, Massachusetts. (Photo: WBZ-TV)

After the device was discovered, Fire Marshal Stephen Coan said “local fire and police created a secure zone around the object so the Bomb Squad could x-ray the object and perform other diagnostic assessments.”

The device detonated during the bomb squad’s examination, but Coan said that’s to be expected when handling an actual bomb.

“There was no danger to the public during this procedure,” he added. “The danger was that someone handling it prior to the detonation could have been seriously injured.”

Authorities found the device had two powerful magnets attached to it, and believe it may have originally been attached to a vehicle, but fell off.

A $5,000 reward is currently being offered for information about who is behind the bomb.

“If anyone saw the object in the street over the weekend, that information could help us pinpoint when it first appeared,” Tavares told the Boston Globe.

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