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Prominent Anti-Gun Advocate Had a ‘Considerable Change in Demeanor’ When She Learned Who She Was Smiling Next to in This Picture

Written by Jason Howerton on . Posted in The Blaze


When prominent gun control advocate Shannon Watts was asked by a man to take a picture outside of the 2014 NRA convention in Indianapolis, she granted his request. What she clearly didn’t know was who the man really was.

Watts’ reportedly had a “considerable change in demeanor” after the picture was snapped and he revealed his identity. The man pictured alongside the anti-gun advocate is actually Todd Kauranen, the design director for the gun stock manufacturer Slide Fire.



Watts, the founder of Moms Demand Action and co-founder of Everytown for Gun Safety alongside former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, allegedly shifted moods and told Kauranen that she is “out to shame” his company, according to Slide Fire Facebook page.

“Keep it up, because it has been doing great,” Kauranen reportedly replied.

Watts and Slide Fire have clashed before. She reportedly led an unsuccessful attempt to remove a Slide Fire billboard. The company says her efforts had the opposite effect she was hoping for. That’s why Kauranen “made sure to thank her for all the publicity she has given Slide Fire and the firearm industry,” the Facebook post adds.

Read Slide Fire’s entire Facebook post below:

Predictably, Watts and her supporters launched a social media campaign seeking to force Lamar Advertising to drop Slide Fire as a client. They even started a #FireSlideFire hashtag.

The gun control advocates also accused Slide Fire of using a corporate Facebook page to “harass and threaten.”

And just in case you were thinking Slide Fire is a company that strays away from ruffling some feathers, here’s a picture of their booth at the NRA convention this year:

Photo via TheBlaze

Photo via TheBlaze

(H/T: The Truth About Guns)

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