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Was the Son of a Man Brutally Beaten in Detroit Caught Spending Money From His Father’s Get-Well Fundraiser on Strippers

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The son of a Detroit man who was beaten recently by a mob may have spent money from his father’s get-well fundraiser as a strip club, according to a handful of witnesses.

Steven Utash, 54, was brutally attacked by a group of teens earlier this month when he stopped to help a child that he struck with his car. After being admitted to the hospital with serious injuries, local residents held a fundraiser to help Utash pay for his bills and get back on his feet.

This is where things take an odd turn.

Utash’s son, Joe, was seen on Saturday spending a great deal of money at a local strip club and reportedly had $400 stolen by a dancer, according to WJBK-TV.

“I let her hold onto my money … she wanted to see that I had the money to pay for the dance,” he said, adding that he had “worked for” the cash.

But here’s the thing: Joe Utash doesn’t have a job and he has been collecting unemployment benefits, according to his family.

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Utash said in an official police report of the incident that he had a lot more than $400 on hand. In fact, he reportedly showed up to the strip club with approximately $1,500 in cash and then spent $275 on dances before his money was allegedly stolen.

The Detroit man told WJBK-TV that he exaggerated details in the police report, adding that he inflated the amount of cash he had on hand. He said he got his money from cashing his unemployment checks.

“I just went to out blow off steam, and I got robbed. If that [money] was from fundraiser wouldn’t have called police,” he said.

The Utash family said none of the money from the fundraiser is missing, adding that all online funds are protected and inaccessible at this time. Steven Utash is expected to be transferred out of the Intensive Care Unit and into a rehab center by next Teusday, according to the family.

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