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Democrat Urges Supporters to Call 911 on ‘Tea Partiers’ to Harass Them — But His Plan Could Seriously Backfire

Written by Jason Howerton on . Posted in The Blaze


Mike Dickinson, the Virginia Democrat who recently vowed to wage “war” on the Tea Party, urged his followers on Twitter to call police on “tea partiers” Monday just to harass them. He also posted pictures of license plates allegedly belonging to Tea Party members and asked supporters to identify them, the Examiner notes.

Now the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles is “looking into” possible illegal activity by Dickinson as he may have violated federal law.

“Supreme Court says it’s perfectly legal to call in anonymous tips. A tea partier looks like a terrorist to me,” he wrote on Twitter.

He later thanked someone for helping him get “info on identifying the tea partier.”

He later tweeted the license plate belonging to a “tea party idiot and Twitchy captured a screengrab in case he decided to delete it. The plate is blacked out for obvious reasons.

One Twitter user recognized the potential violation of the law and passed along the information to the Federal Elections Commission and the Virginia DMV.

“The person who reported the information also suggested Dickinson might also be guilty of violating RICO statutes,” according to the Examiner.

The Virginia DMV replied on Twitter on Monday, saying “We take serious any allegation like this” and driver information “is private & protected.”

“We’ll be looking into it,” the agency said.

Dickinson represented himself as a Democratic candidate for Congress, but never actually made it on the ballot.

Read the Examiner’s full report here.

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