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Sacred Motherhood

Written by Nancy Leigh DeMoss on . Posted in Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Even in the church, a large number of women have been influenced by feminism. Nancy and a group of her friends show you how pervasive this influence

Google Changes Tune on Email Scanning

Written by Elizabeth Kreft on . Posted in The Blaze


It seems Google has responded to the throngs of parents crying foul about their children’s email accounts being scanned.

Millions of students’ email accounts were scanned by Google in an

Seattle Plans 15 Minimum Wage

Written by Associated Press on . Posted in The Blaze


SEATTLE (AP) — Seattle Mayor Ed Murray on Thursday proposed a phased-in increase of the city’s minimum wage to $15 an hour over the next seven years – a compromise endorsed by both business and

Hot List Children’s Books You Won’t Believe Are Banned

Written by Amy Holmes on . Posted in The Blaze


Raj Nair fills in for Amy Holmes to take a look at some famous children’s books that happen to be banned: