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Why Evangelicals Dislike and Distrust Hillary Clinton So Much

Written by Ed Stetzer on . Posted in Ed Stetzer

To many Evangelicals, Mrs. Clinton is a perfect storm of divergent values, dismissive advocacy, and distrusted personality.

On Saturday, I was speaking at the Society of the Scientific Study of Religion. I was there to present data on Evangelicals and their voting patterns, explaining the new LifeWay Research / National Association of Evangelicals tool that helps classify Americans by Evangelical belief.

One of the questions dealt with how Evangelicals can support Donald Trump (considering the obvious concerns). I explained it is, in part, because they feel they have nowhere else to go.

They so deeply dislike Hillary Clinton, many feel forced to support Donald Trump.

The obvious question is, “Why?”

First of all, not all Evangelicals feel this way, nor do I speak for all of them. But, in a recent interview with CNN, I explained why Evangelicals have such a visceral reaction to Clinton. Part of that answer ended up in this article, but I wanted to take the opportunity to explain more thoroughly. Let me put this dislike in six categories.

Clash of the Cores

Over the past 20 years, there has been an increasing emphasis on abortion as a core issue of the Democratic Party. At the 1996 Democratic National Convention, Bill Clinton made these remarks: "Abortion should not only be safe and legal, it should be rare. That's why I helped to establish and support a national effort to reduce out-of-wedlock teen pregnancy. And that is why we must promote adoption." (Address by the President to the Democratic National Convention; President Bill Clinton Acceptance Speech)

The changing tone in 1996 reflected the Democrat's desire to appeal to pro-life Democrats in light of his vetoing of the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act.

However, as Bob Dylan once said, "The Times They Are A' Changin,'” and we have certainly seen abortion ...

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