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Issues in the Future of Evangelicalism

Written by Ed Stetzer on . Posted in Ed Stetzer

The future of evangelicalism includes harsh realities for churches.

The enduring question for the church is this: how do we fulfill the Great Commission in a rapidly changing world?

We—the church of the West—receive no exception from the question.

But it appears that despite our best efforts to keep up with the ever-morphing values and circumstances of Western cultures, the answer eludes us.

For many , the answer is not to adapt or change at all, but merely to maintain as if by some force of will the imagined halcyon days gone by of Christendom come full circle (or at least feels nostalgic for the faith of their grandfathers). But Christendom is over and no amount of wishing will make it return.

The Great Nostalgia is not the Great Commission.

The answer does not lie at some outlying extreme of either constant adaptation or constant constancy. Instead, our churches must continue the hard work of contextualizing the message of Jesus Christ to all tongues, tribes, and nations, whether in the Congo or in California.

This is just good missionary work.

The strategy needed is a counter-cultural return to biblical mission. What we need to do is advance back to the scriptural blueprint for the church on mission. What the church in the West desperately needs is a missional renaissance.

How might the church address the issues of the world? In other words, how might the church undergo this missional renaissance to embody the gospel in the post-Christendom West?

Three primary steps are needed: a rediscovery of the biblical mission, a reconsidering of the nature of the gospel, and a re-turning away from modernity.

A Rediscovery of the Mission

The last decade witnessed great progress for the evangelical church as to the rediscovery and re-awakening of her true calling and purpose. The church appears ...

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