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Amplifying EvangelismmdashHelping Non-Christian Friends Hear Godrsquos Voice

Written by Ed Stetzer on . Posted in Ed Stetzer

Prayer as a tool for evangelism

Given that at least a part of your witness is relational—one that builds trust between a Christian and his or her friends—how else would you partner with the Holy Spirit to help that person trust Jesus as his or her Lord and Savior?

I usually see two ends of the possible spectrum:

One end trusts that the Holy Spirit is at work in your verbal persuasion. You might ask for the Spirit’s guidance in the preparation of your talks, or for the Spirit’s presence before you hang out with your friends, or for the Spirit’s peace as you step into tricky conversations about faith and life. Then, you might brush up on solid arguments from C.S. Lewis or Lee Strobel. And hopefully, on your best days, through good listening and presentation skills, your neighbors are persuaded to give their lives to Jesus. These kinds of activities can often help your friends grasp the truth of the Christian faith.

And, no doubt, God is at work in these things.

On the other end you might pray for the Spirit’s filling in your life, and then you gently place your hands on your friends to pray. And on the best days, something supernatural happens. You might pray for someone’s cold or cancer to go away, and they are healed on the spot in Jesus’ name. Or God might show you something about your friend that she hasn’t revealed to anyone, and amazed, she gives her allegiance to Jesus. These things also happen from time to time, and they can often help your friends experience the reality of the Christian faith.

And yes, God is at work in these things as well.

Both ends of the spectrum are effective and legitimate ways of sharing your faith. So please don’t hear any critique, although we can always improve the ...

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