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Weekend EditionmdashApril 22 2016

Written by Ed Stetzer on . Posted in Ed Stetzer

Dangerous refugees, evangelical opportunities, and more!

courage for the journey – dangerous refugeesTeanna Sunberg

From a Nazarene missionary on the front lines.

Evangelical leaders see Syrian refugees as opportunityTimothy C. Morgan

Not only leaders should have this kind of vision. All American Christians should.

What Should the U.S. Do About Refugee Resettlement?—Priscilla Alvarez

For American Christians this is the question of the moment.

The viral claim that ‘not one’ refugee resettled since 9/11 has been ‘arrested on domestic terrorism charges’Michelle Ye Hee Lee

Because facts are our friends.

Americans see immigrants more favorably than do Trump, CruzCathy Lynn Grossman

What happens when candidates are out of step with the electorate?

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Church Signs

At least you won’t hear “recalculating...recalculating” all the time.

This isn’t in the HCSB translation of Philippians.

Tyrannus or us, Rex?

Thanks to Tyler Armstrong, Bud Houston, and James Gilliland for this week's church signs. As always you can tweet pics of church signs you see to @EdStetzer.

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